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                Elder Abner Gaines started this ministry in Petal, MS. The church moved from Petal to Graveline Street in Hattiesburg, MS. Elder Gaines passed away and his nephew, Elder Isom Nicholson became the pastor over the congregation.  Elder Nicholson decided to move the church from Graveline St. to 425 Mobile St. in 1931.   During this time, there was a two-story building at this location that was once a dance hall and night club.  The congregation could only stay in the building for a short period of time because the building had been condemned by the city of Hattiesburg.  During the year of 1931 the began to raise money to purchase the property.

                On February 15, 1932, A.B. Wilson and Capitola Wilson deeded the property to the Mobile Street Church of God in Christ.  At that time, the board members were: Jessie Williams, Jake Peterson, and Isom Nicholson.  They purchased the church for $2,225.00.   During this time Elder Isom Nicholson was the overseer.  Later in 1932, Elder Nicholson resigned from the church and moved to Chicago, IL.  The deacon board, Chairman Hamp Davis and other members kept the church going until a Bishop F.W. Reed was appointed pastor in 1934.

                Bishop Reed served as a pastor for twenty-eight years, from 1934-1962.  During the time, the foundation was laid for what this church would become.  Under his leadership people saw many miracles and heard the uncompromising gospel being preached.  Bishop Reed was a man of great wisdom, humble, and great teacher and an anointed man of God.  Under his leadership a new church was constructed and the church grew, it became one of the largest churches in the Jurisdiction.  His leadership produced great men and they were sent out to preach the gospel.   In 1953 the State Convocation was held at Mobile Street Church of God in Christ until the early 1970’s.

                In 1962 Bishop Theo Davis appointed Elder E. J. McDowell pastor of the Mobile Street COGIC. During his leadership, by the request of Bishop Theo Davis the name was changed to Nicholson Temple COGIC.  McDowell continued to make renovations and the church continued to grow.  While serving as pastor, he was appointed as Superintendent then later Jurisdictional Bishop. He later died after serving twenty-six as pastor, in 1988. 

In 1988,  Superintendent Rueben McSwain was appointed as pastor and served from October 1988-1993.  Elder George Sawyer was appointed as pastor in 1994 to serve until one was appointed permanently.   The church began to see a decline in the membership.  Many of the saints began fasting and praying for a new pastor. 

                In 1994 Bishop A. V. Jordan appointed Superintendent Willie Clark, Jr. as pastor.  Under Pastor Clark leadership this church is now one of the pillars of the community and in the Jurisdiction.  This church strives to allow God to move in the services.  Nicholson Temple is where, holiness is being preached, miracles are being manifested, the hungry are being fed, the naked being clothed, homeless being housed, and addicts are being set free.  Pastor Clark is about helping build God’s kingdom through building God’s people.   Pastor Clark’s vision was to build a new facility that would accommodate the growth and reach those that are lost.  Under his leadership properties have been purchased and constructed for a new sanctuary with classrooms.  His leadership has created new opportunities for this ministry as it continues to grow.

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